Nissan Chico Idea Is An Autonomous Playroom On Wheels

That is the Nissan Chico – and it’s a idea aimed toward a really particular, and fairly uncommon, goal group.

Designed by Giovanni Duc from Croatia, the Chico is a totally autonomous automobile designed for kids that sports activities a really unconventional look.

Duc created the automobile as an answer to oldsters who work but additionally have youngsters that have to be taken to high school. The Chico is all electrical and has an inside which any baby would love. Heck, even we’re fascinated by what’s happening inside this small metropolis automotive.

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As a substitute of simply becoming a conventional bench, Duc has designed a shiny yellow seat impressed by swings that’s related to the roof and hangs down versus being mounted to the ground like a standard automotive seat. Because the Chico drives itself alongside, the swing seat gently sways forwards and backwards and the vibrations generated by the seat’s motion is transformed into electrical power and saved in a battery pack on the roof of the automotive. This energy is then funneled to the powertrain and thru the pavement.

The idea additionally encompasses a small, secondary bench seat on the opposite facet of the cabin and a luxurious ground which youngsters can sit and play on, in addition to a small ramp which younger youngsters may crawl alongside to enter and exit the automobile. And all that comes wrapped in a novel and playful exterior.

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