Media’s Horribly Dishonest Antarctica Propaganda

By Jim Steele

Trying to bolster the local weather disaster narrative, a latest excessive temperature file in Antarctica has been misleadingly ballyhooed for example of world warming by the world’s largest media retailers – New York Instances, BBC, the Guardian, and so forth. Though the NY Instances tries to promote their paper with the slogan “The Reality is Price It”, their deceptive articles recommend you need to spend your cash elsewhere. These media giants appear extra intent on scaring the general public and manufacturing a false local weather disaster, than educating the general public about the true physics that trigger climate adjustments inflicting Antarctica’s temperature file!

The NY Instances wrote, “Antarctica, the coldest, windiest and driest continent on Earth, set a file excessive temperature on Thursday, underscoring international warming” However the truth that Antarctica is the coldest place on earth, has nothing to do with a temperature file at a single climate station, Esperanza. Esperanza is positioned on the warmest, most northerly a part of the mountainous Antarctica peninsula. Esperanza is most delicate to El Nino warming. It most delicate to the southward circulation of heat moist subtropical winds. And Esperanza’s topography at all times amplifies temperatures when winds from the northwest trigger foehn wind occasions. What occurred at Esperanza has nothing to do with Antarctica’s total local weather tendencies, by no means thoughts any international warming development.

The Guardian wrote, Antarctica “is without doubt one of the quickest warming locations on earth, heating by virtually three°C [5.4°F] over the previous 50 years”. Nonetheless, the Guardian hides the actual fact they’re utilizing zombie knowledge. Current analysis reveals a cooling development because the 12 months 2000 and that contradicts any CO2 pushed international warming concept.

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Within the 2016 peer-reviewed paper “Absence of 21st century Warming on Antarctic Peninsula according to Pure Variability”, Antarctic local weather specialists documented that from 1979–1997, Antarctic had certainly skilled the globe’s quickest warming temperatures, growing by three.2 °C [5.8 °F] per century. In distinction, from 1999–2014, temperatures then decreased at a charge four.7 °C [eight.5 °F} per century. This robust cooling development is never reported or referred to by media alarmists. Dishonestly, the Guardian ignores the latest cooling tendencies to recommend a latest sooner or later Esperanza temperature file is “an indication that warming in Antarctica is occurring a lot sooner than international common” and “is the foreshadowing of what’s to come back.” Likewise the NY Instances dishonestly claims, “The excessive temperature is in line with the earth’s total warming development, which is largely attributable to emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Guardian’s creator Graham Readfearn engages in his typical alarmist distortions to put in writing, “Earlier analysis from 2012 discovered the present charge of warming within the area was virtually unprecedented over the previous 2000 years.” Actually? Nearly unprecedented? The paper he refers to truly said, “Though warming of the northeastern Antarctic Peninsula started round 600 years in the past, the excessive charge of warming over the previous century is uncommon (however not unprecedented) within the context of pure local weather variability over the previous two millennia.

The BBC will get the prize for going fully off the rails stating, “Scientists warn that international warming is inflicting a lot melting on the South Pole, it’s going to finally disintegrate – inflicting the worldwide sea stage to rise by at the very least three metres (10ft) over centuries.” However there was no warming development on the south pole nor in east Antarctica as exemplified by the Dumont D’Urville climate station.

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For these readers who solely belief peer reviewed papers, I recommend studying, “Foehn Occasion Triggered by an Atmospheric River Underlies File-Setting Temperature Alongside Continental Antarctica” which totally investigated the causes of the earlier 2015 record-setting temperature at Esperanza.

What’s a foehn occasion? Foehn occasions trigger fast excessive temperature jumps merely as a result of adjustments within the air stress as winds descend from a mountain high. In the course of the 2015 foehn occasion, Esperanza’s every day temperature jumped from zero°C [32°F] 2 days earlier than, to a file setting 17.5°C [63.5°F]. Elsewhere, Antarctic foehn winds are frequent and have been extensively studied, typically elevating most temperatures by 10+°C [18+°F] above regular.

As seen in determine “c” beneath, climate programs in 2015 had pushed a heat and humid subtropical air circulation from the northwest onto the northern Antarctic Peninsula. That heat air circulation raised the western peninsula’s temperatures above regular. Then these winds rose up and over the peninsula’s mountain vary amplifying temperatures even additional on the east aspect of the peninsula. Because the air rose, its water vapor condensed, each releasing precipitation and releasing latent warmth that had additional warmed the air. As that hotter and drier air handed over the mountain crest and descended onto Esperanza, temperatures warmed additional as air stress elevated temperatures at a charge of over 5°F for each 1000-foot drop in altitude. A typical foehn occasion.



As occurs in all of the earth’s mountainous areas, foehn winds heat the air as a result of easy physics and well-established fuel legal guidelines. Warming doesn’t require any added warmth from the solar or CO2. Throughout Esperanza’s 2015 file heat, temperatures had hovered round zero.5°C [0.9 °F] the day earlier than. However as winds from the northwest elevated air circulation over the peninsula’s mountains, these foehn winds elevated Esperanza’s temperatures by 17.5 °C [63.5 °F]. Those self same dynamics had been in play through the February 2020 file temperature.

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In distinction to a number of paragraphs attempting to implicate international warming, the Guardian did supply one sentence hinting at a foehn wind warming, quoting Dr. Renwick: “larger temperatures within the area tended to coincide with robust northwesterly winds transferring down mountain slopes – a characteristic of the climate patterns round Esperanza in latest days.”

Additionally a quote from Dr Steve Rintoul, an Antarctic knowledgeable at CSIRO, admitted: “This can be a file from solely a single station, however it’s within the context of what’s taking place elsewhere and is extra proof that because the planet warms we get extra heat data and fewer chilly data.”

However Rintoul is just not sharing all of the information. The present context for the Antarctica Peninsula is that for over a decade it has skilled cooling temperatures pushed by pure variability. In actual fact, glaciers in Esperanza’s area have additionally expanded. Esperanza’s file temperature merely occurred as a result of foehn winds regardless of a cooling development. Sadly, the media would reasonably scare the general public to advertise a local weather disaster, than truthfully educate them concerning the causes of pure local weather variability.

Jim Steele is Director emeritus of San Francisco State’s Sierra Nevada Discipline Campus and authored Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Local weather Skepticism

Contact: naturalclimatechange@earthlink.web

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