Are Weekends Wetter than Weekdays?

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I’ve been listening to from a number of people suggesting that our weekends have been wetter than our weekdays, and asking me whether or not this was true.

So is it true?  Are the climate gods preferentially punishing Puget Sound residents over the weekend?

Are the climate gods punishing us?
Let’s discover out! 

To do that, I secured the each day precipitation statistics at Seattle-Tacoma Airport for Might and June up to now–43 days in all.

For the complete interval, there was four.04 inches at Sea-Tac for .09 inches per day.

For the 31 weekdays, there was 1.72 inches within the rain gauge, or .05 inches per day

However for the 12 weekend days, there was 2.32 inches or .19 inches per day.

Yikes! It’s true!  The weekends have been wetter, with practically FOUR TIMES MORE PRECIPITATION PER DAY THAN DURING THE WEEKDAYS.
Good cause to complain.  However is that this an actual impact or simply likelihood?

There have been numerous investigations of this critical matter, a latest one led by one in all my ex-students:  Professor David Schultz of the College of Manchester.  Their conclusions primarily based on inspecting the info from 219 stations throughout the usfor the interval 1951-1992 was:

“neither the incidence nor quantity of precipitation considerably is determined by the day of the week”

A conclusion illustrated by this determine from their paper:

Different earlier papers have produced contradictory outcomes.  Some have steered that weekly variations in pollution from industrial processes, aviation, and driving would affect precipitation processes, thus producing a weak weekly precipitation cycle.  However lets face it, such results can be enormously minimized on this interval of COVID-19 shutdowns and the protest-related fires didn’t begin till late in Might.  A plot of the focus of particulates over Seattle doesn’t recommend a weekly sign in any respect, with comparatively clear air over Puget Sound for the interval (see beneath, 5-10 is clear air).

I think strongly that this precipitation sample is simply unhealthy luck, an sadly roll of the meteorological cube and won’t proceed into the summer time.  Sure, it’s raining at this time.  However in accordance with the superb forecast, tomorrow (Sunday) must be primarily dry, showers will probably be round Monday and Tuesday, and subsequent weekend must be dry.

However offering an providing to your favourite climate god won’t be such a foul concept, one thing meteorologists like myself are effectively practiced at.

In my division, we instruct the uninitiated appease the climate gods

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