Will Discovery’s Secret Be Identified In Star Trek: Picard?

Will the key of Star Trek: Discovery develop into identified in Star Trek: Picard‘s 24th century? Patrick Stewart returns as the enduring former Captain of the Enterprise in his personal CBS All-Entry sequence, which is about roughly 20 years after Star Trek: Nemesis and is predicted to discover the ramifications of the destruction of Romulus. Nevertheless, the chance exists that Picard might be taught of the existence and disappearance of the united statesS. Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 ended with Michael Burnham donning a timesuit to develop into the Purple Angel and main the Discovery and her crew over 900 years into the longer term. By making this sacrifice, they stopped a sentient A.I. referred to as Management from wiping out all organic life within the galaxy. Within the aftermath of their time bounce from the 23rd century to the 32nd century, Burnham’s adoptive brother Spock demanded that Starfleet redact all information of the Discovery and swear anybody conscious of those occasions to silence. Michael Burnham, the Discovery, its superior tech just like the spore displacement hub drive, and 100,000 years of sphere information, have been by no means spoken of once more. This was Star Trek: Discovery’s manner of sustaining Star Trek canon to elucidate why nobody, from Captain Kirk to Captain Picard within the 24th century, has by no means heard of the united statesS. Discovery.

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As Star Trek: Picard’s teaser hints at, Jean-Luc Picard has retired to his household’s winery in France after he led the “best rescue armada in historical past” 15 years in the past. This was adopted by a mysterious “unimaginable” occasion that brought on Admiral Picard to give up Starfleet. The tragedy referenced is the tip of the Romulan Empire, which helped create the alternate Kelvin timeline of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek films. The moments in Star Trek when the elder Spock failed to avoid wasting Romulus was the final glimpse followers had of the 24th century and Star Trek: Picard lastly returns to the franchise’s hottest period to disclose what occurred. However as Picard uncovers buried secrets and techniques about Romulus, might he additionally uncover a better secret: what occurred to the united statesS. Discovery?

Star Trek Discovery Michael Burnham and Christopher Pike in Season 2 Finale

For Star Trek: Picard, acknowledging its sister Star Trek sequence can be logical. Star Trek: Discovery is the preferred streaming present on the planet and it is CBS All-Entry’ flagship Star Trek sequence. This displays how, again within the 1990s, Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology was the flagship of the franchise and it was Captain Picard who introduced generations of Star Trek collectively: Leonard Nimoy’s Spock and James Doohan’s Scotty visitor starred on TNG, Picard met Kirk in Star Trek Generations, and Picard not solely appeared within the pilot of Star Trek: Deep Area 9 however he additionally spoke to Star Trek: Voyager’s Admiral Janeway in Star Trek: Nemesis. Thus, it might solely be becoming for Star Trek: Picard to proceed this custom and in some way find out about the Discovery.

Even when there isn’t any direct crossover the place Picard meets Burnham, Jean-Luc might simply be taught the reality in regards to the redacted starship. The obvious manner is thru Part 31, which has develop into a serious ingredient of the Star Trek franchise. The 24th-century incarnation of the Federation’s black ops community is far much less overt than the Part 31 that was seen in Star Trek: Discovery, however as a former Starfleet Admiral, Picard would seemingly have entry to its darkest secrets and techniques and he might inadvertently find out about Michael Burnham whereas he pursues his Romulan mission.

If Picard uncovered the cover-up of the united statesS. Discovery that has lasted since 2267, it might serve two important functions: Star Trek: Picard would create the potential for a future crossover with Star Trek: Discovery and it might additionally assist arrange the introduced Part 31 spinoff starring Michelle Yeoh. Additionally, Picard studying of the Discovery would not violate canon since realizing about Michael Burnham within the 24th century does not disrupt continuity the best way Michael’s existence within the 23rd century did. Moderately, Picard might bridge the 24th century with Star Trek’s far future. Star Trek: Picard is the long-awaited doorway for Star Trek to transfer ahead, with Star Trek: Discovery’s 32nd century as the ultimate frontier to discover – if Picard discovers the key of the Discovery.

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Star Trek: Picard premieres late 2019 on CBS All-Entry and internationally on Amazon Prime.

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