U.S. Authorities continues to dump funds into sinkhole


Visitor submit by Ronald Stein

Founder and Ambassador for Vitality & Infrastructure of PTS Advance, headquartered in Irvine, California

Once I learn the WSJ article “The Finest-Laid Vitality Plans” concerning the Authorities planning and subsidies that have been supposedly meant to make America the world’s green-electricity superpower, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and supercharge the economic system, it brings to thoughts probably the most terrifying 9 phrases within the English language: ” I’m from the federal government, and I’m right here to assist.”

In pursuit of a method to retailer the daytime intermittent electrical energy from photo voltaic panels, to be used when the solar isn’t shining, the fact is nearer to the monetary failure at Crescent Dunes, a Nevada solar-energy plant that went gone bust after receiving a $737 million federal mortgage assure. No worries. It’s solely taxpayer cash,

Crescent Dunes was the primary concentrated solar energy system that generated solar energy through the use of mirrors or lenses to pay attention a big space of daylight onto a receiver plant with a central receiver tower and superior molten salt power storage expertise.

An inconvenient fact is that the solar units every day, however the Obama Administration’s inexperienced planners had an app for that. They determined to spend money on the Crescent Dunes facility that might use molten salt to retailer warmth from the solar, produce steam, and generate electrical energy even at evening. Authorities help would carry the undertaking to sunny success.

Listed below are all of the issues that electrical energy can do for civilization:

· Present electrical energy to run the motors of automobiles, heating, air conditioners.

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· Present electrical energy for lighting

· Present electrical energy for electronics

· Present electrical energy for the medical infrastructure

Vitality storage may revolutionize industries within the subsequent 10 years, however regardless of the preaching’s about these renewable saviors, it’s turning into apparent that as a consequence of their intermittency and unreliability, and their lack of ability to exchange any of the chemical compounds from crude oil that account for the all of the merchandise in our day by day lives, societies around the globe will not be too thrilled concerning the wanted social adjustments to reside on simply electrical energy.

Mainly, electrical energy can energy the motors, lights and electronics, however it will probably’t make the motors, lights and electronics! Even electrical energy couldn’t exist with out fossil fuels as all of the components for wind and photo voltaic renewables are made with fossil fuels.

We could be preached to endlessly about “clear electrical energy” messages, and bedazzle farmers with the prospects of on-going income from renewables, however the in depth mining worldwide for turbine and photo voltaic supplies, and the decommissioning particulars, and the social adjustments that might be necessitated with out the 1000’s of merchandise from these deep earth minerals and fuels, stay the darkish aspect of the unstated realities of renewables.

Lets’ be clear about what meaning. First, it’s not renewable power, it’s solely renewable electrical energy, and extra precisely its solely intermittent electrical energy. Renewables have been the first driver for residents of Germany, Australia, and California behind the excessive prices of electrical energy. Second and most vital is, electrical energy alone is unable to help militaries, aviation, and service provider ships, and all of the transportation infrastructure that help commerce around the globe.

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Everybody is aware of that electrical energy is used extensively in residential, business, transportation, and the navy, to energy motors and lite the lights; but it surely’s the 6,000 merchandise that get manufactured from crude oil which can be used to make these motors, lights, and electronics. Noticeable by their absence, from generators and photo voltaic panels, are these crude oil chemical compounds that renewables are presently incapable of offering.

We’ve had nearly 200 years to develop clones or generics to exchange the merchandise we get from crude oil similar to: medicines, electronics, communications, tires, asphalt, fertilizers, navy and transportation gear. The social wants of our materialistic societies are most certainly going to stay for all these chemical compounds that get manufactured out of crude oil, that makes all the pieces that’s a part of our day by day existence, and for steady, uninterruptable, and dependable electrical energy from coal or pure fuel technology backup.

Germany tried to step up as a frontrunner on local weather change, by phasing out nuclear and fossil fuels, and pioneered a system of subsidies for wind and photo voltaic that sparked a worldwide growth in manufacturing these applied sciences.  Right now, Germany is failing to fulfill its local weather objectives of lowering carbon-dioxide emissions even after spending over $580 billion by 2025 to overtake its power methods. Germany’s emissions miss needs to be a “wake-up name” for governments all over the place.

Energy costs in Germany are among the many highest in Europe. Right now, German households pay nearly 50% extra for electrical energy than they did in 2006. A lot of that improve in electrical energy price is the Renewable Surcharge that has elevated over the identical interval by 770%.

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America is taking big steps towards following Germany’s failed local weather objectives which needs to be a wake-up all for governments all over the place, however it seems that America, from California to New York, needs to observe the German failure. Like Germany, America’s renewables have gotten an rising share in electrical energy technology, however at a HIGH COST. The emission discount objectives have elevated the prices of electrical energy and transportation fuels and could also be very contributory to America’s rising homelessness and poverty populations.

Hopefully, earlier than committing to an all-electric world, we will obtain the technical challenges of discovering a inexperienced alternative for the 1000’s of merchandise based mostly on fossil fuels being supplied to each identified earth based mostly infrastructure, and society will settle for the implications of altering their existence that may end result from much less companies and extra private enter to accommodate shedding the advances fossil fuels have afforded them.

Hand the power economic system over to the federal government within the identify of local weather change, and there will likely be numerous extra Crescent Dunes fiascoes. Alas, brings again once more these most terrifying 9 phrases within the English language:” I’m from the federal government, and I’m right here to assist.”

Ronald Stein, P.E.​

Founder and Ambassador for Vitality & Infrastructure



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