Spider-Man: Far From Dwelling Idea Says There Are Two Mysterios

The trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Dwelling have shocked us all with regards to what they tease about Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. The primary portrayed him as the most recent hero on the block, battling the Elementals terrorizing Europe. The second then went even additional, revealing that he comes from one other Earth after the occasions of Avengers: Endgame induced a rift in actuality.

That’s all nicely and good, however anybody who is aware of something about Mysterio is aware of that he’s the key villain of the film. Seeing as a late-in-the-day twist of “oh no, he’s the precise dangerous man” can be so blindingly apparent although, there should be extra to the story than that, proper? Effectively, this intriguing fan concept actually suggests so, because it asks: what if the true reveal is that there are two Mysterios?

Reddit person Residentswimming posits that if Quentin Beck is from Earth-833, then there should be one other Beck on Earth-616 as nicely. So, what if 833 Beck is the true deal, a healthful hero out to avoid wasting the world, however the 616 Beck is the everyday model of the character – a down-on-his-luck particular results man who needs to have his identify in lights. What if he realizes this heroic Mysterio is his alter ego and proceeds to tug a Prince and the Pauper and take his place?


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It is a workable concept that’s actually value contemplating. In spite of everything, it could be mighty imply of Marvel – or fairly Sony, who minimize the trailers – to tease the existence of an MCU multiverse solely to then chalk it up as a lie spun by Mysterio. Hopefully there’s some fact to the idea and so they pull off one thing intelligent with the twist that he’s really a villain. Very similar to Spider-Man: Homecoming managed with revealing that Vulture was Liz’s dad.

For now, all we are able to do is proceed to invest, however a technique or one other, the thriller of Mysterio might be solved when Spider-Man: Far From Dwelling swings into cinemas on July 2nd.


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