Some Individuals Maintain Parasitic Leeches as Pets, And Let Them Drink Their Blood

To the disgust of lots of our readers, now we have found that preserving leeches as pets is definitely a factor.

And yeah, it is actually… a bit completely different. However in gentle of humanity’s disconnect with nature, and our regarding lack of expertise about parasitic creatures, the concept a few of us are nurturing these parasites can also be, uh, fascinating.


“They’re wonderful, curious creatures that develop like loopy and make fantastic pets,” leech keeper Ariane Khomjani informed ScienceAlert.

He defined how particular person leeches have their very own distinctive personalities, with some being extra adventurous and others extra shy.

“Some prefer to try to sneak a feed extra usually than others, haha! However as soon as they’re full, they’re content material to take a seat and relaxation for a bit out of water if dealt with gently,” he stated.

Khomjani has 4 of those squishy vampires, together with Leara who’s pictured under. The species he retains is without doubt one of the bigger varieties: buffalo leeches (Hirudinaria manillensis) from Asia.

Leara the leech. ( /Instagram)Leara the leech. (Ariane Khomjani/Instagram)

There are over 600 leech species worldwide and most, however not all of them, are blood suckers. Others, like worm leeches (Pharyngobdellida), are predators that swallow their invertebrate prey entire, whereas some species are detritivores that eat natural particles.

These wriggly sausages can have as much as eight pairs of ocelli (eye spots), which they use to detect the shadows of potential prey. Their mind bits are unfold throughout 32 physique segments, and they’re hermaphrodites, so every particular person leech has each female and male organs, though they nonetheless require a mate to breed.

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If a hungry parasitic leech senses your physique warmth or the CO2 in your breath, it could loop its approach in the direction of you by utilizing its mouth and butt suckers. Sure, you learn that proper, their butts suck, too.

Leech looping locomotion (Leech looping locomotion. (Chiswick Chap/Wikipedia/CC By SA

If it finds an acceptable little bit of host, the leech will inject its saliva – which accommodates anaesthetic and anti-blood clotting compounds – earlier than biting down with two- or three-pronged serrated jaws.

“As soon as they get feeding you do not even really feel it, even with the massive buffalo leeches,” defined Khomjani, though the preliminary chew can harm a bit. They’ll go as much as a 12 months between feeds, however leech sellers suggest feeding the bigger species each Three-6 months.


In fact, as with something involving direct contact along with your bloodstream, feeding a leech your personal blood shouldn’t be tried with out first looking for recommendation from a health care provider. Some individuals are allergic to leech saliva and there is all the time a threat of catching an an infection from them.

Khomjani informed us that whereas most chew wounds heal and not using a scar, as a result of anti-coagulants within the leech saliva, it could typically take a number of days for a chew to cease bleeding. Nevertheless it’s precisely these saliva properties which have lengthy made leeches of curiosity to people.

“Leeches have been linked with human tradition, notably in Europe, for hundreds of years,” parasitologist Mackenzie Kwak from Nationwide College of Singapore informed ScienceAlert.

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In reality, now we have been preserving leeches, primarily for medical functions, for round Three,000 years. In the course of the Victorian period (within the 1800s) they had been advisable for treating all the things from complications to nymphomania.

This craze led to a somewhat absurd battle between rival pharmacies, who produced more and more elaborate leech jars in an effort to entice clients to decide on their product.

This historic use of leeches severely diminished medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis) populations throughout Eurasia, so this species is now protected.

As we speak, leeches are nonetheless stored to be used in each human and animal medication world wide and are permitted by the US Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) as “medical gadgets“.


“Leeches are used post-operatively in sufferers who’ve had digit reattachment or muscle or flap surgical procedure,” nurse Julie Smolders from South Western Sydney Native Well being District informed ScienceAlert.

“The leeches are utilized to the positioning and suck away the congested blood to permit for blood circulation to the peripheries to maintain the surgical web site viable.”

The hospitals hold 100-200 leeches to utilize this blood-vessel clearing potential. These leeches are sourced from captive bred populations raised in managed environments, to assist minimise the potential threat of an infection.

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()(Ariane Khomjani/Instagram)

If the concept of preserving considered one of these little Draculas intrigues you, however you have no curiosity of providing your self up as a meal, there are numerous accounts on-line of pet leeches being fed uncooked liver or heated blood from the butcher.

“Offered the blood [is] contemporary and never handled with any preservatives or something like that, I may see that type of factor doubtlessly working,” Kwak informed ScienceAlert, declaring that parasitologists and medical entomologists have been utilizing related methods to keep up parasites in laboratories for many years now.

He believes “pet leeches are a marvellous solution to find out about parasites, and on a broader degree, to understand how intricate and weird the pure world may be.”

When requested about individuals’s adverse reactions to his pets, Khomjani replied, “may you think about the outrage if somebody talked about canines and cats the best way you see them speak about leeches?”

A model of this text was initially revealed in July 2019.


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