MBTI® of Stranger Issues Characters

Netflix’s hit sequence Stranger Issues is likely to be a nostalgic exploration of 80s popular culture, however it’s additionally a deep dive into some unimaginable characters, every with their very own distinctive personalities. There are “Adventurers” in addition to “Advocates,” and with every season comes much more contemporary faces with their very own personalities to discover.

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From ESFP Steve Harrington’s fabulous hair that completes his “Entertainer” picture to ISTP Max Mayfield’s depraved “Virtuoso” skateboarder expertise, there’s an MBTI® for almost each fan to narrate to within the present, even when some, like poor, optimistic ENFP “Entertainer” Bob, get left behind.

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Stranger Things Eleven Rift

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10 Eleven: ISFP

Stranger Things Eleven Rift

As “the Adventurer,” ISFP Eleven is all about exploring the world she by no means obtained to know as just a little lady. Unpredictable and susceptible to dangerous habits, Eleven would not take criticism nicely and may rage like nobody else in Hawkins. Connecting with the folks she cares about is of the utmost significance to her, however she definitely would not wish to be locked away like Hopper’s saved her.

Whereas Eleven’s ego can get one of the best of her, just like the time she tripped Max, she’s usually selfless and makes use of her powers to guard others even when it hurts her. Following the occasions of season two, Eleven’s actual identify is now Jane Hopper, so we’ll discover out if she goes by Jane or Eleven in season three.

9 Mike Wheeler: INFJ

Mike is “the Advocate,” or an INFJ. Whereas the remainder of his buddies assume Eleven’s a weirdo, Mike actually needs to assist her out. He actively strives to enhance her life, feeding her and defending her to make sure she’s protected. He does the identical together with his buddies, even risking his personal demise to avoid wasting Dustin from the “mouthbreather” bullies. He additionally wholeheartedly believes that Will is alive and desires to search out him.

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Mike is likely to be an introvert who acts based on his emotions, however he is additionally obtained some robust opinions and is unafraid of standing up for what he believes is correct.

eight Lucas Sinclair: ESTJ

Half of the Stranger Issues quartet is made up of extroverts, one among whom is Lucas. Lucas is “the Government,” or an ESTJ. He is an efficient chief and he needs to take care of order of their group, which leaves him questioning simply who Eleven is and why they need to assist her within the first season. As a judger, he wants his world to be deliberate, and he is very accountable, which is why he needs the adults to deal with a homeless baby, as they need to.

When Lucas goes off on his personal to search out Will, he would not achieve this impetuously however after actually pondering it via logically. As soon as he is processed the clues, he is all in, with or with out everybody else.

7 Joyce Byers: ISFJ

As “the Defender,” or an ISFJ, Joyce is all about defending the folks she loves. An introvert, Joyce solely has a handful of those folks in her life, however that solely makes her that rather more of a fierce protector of her household. She’s sharp and may see issues that almost all cannot, however she’s additionally delicate, making her a great dad or mum.

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Being an ISFJ made Joyce extra susceptible to imagine within the Upside Down as a result of she welcomes new concepts, even when she’s extra conventional in different methods. Like different Defenders, Joyce takes her job as a dad or mum in addition to her work outdoors the house very severely. All the things is private to her.

6 Dustin Henderson: ENTP

Dustin is the opposite extrovert among the many boys in Hawkins’ AV Membership. Dustin’s intuitive nature makes him an ENTP, or “the Debater.” He is the one who thinks it is an ideal concept to maintain a demodog as a pet and sadly for him, which means the lack of the household cat. Dustin has a fast wit and is raring to argue his standpoint, which may be irritating with some ENTPs, however for him, it solely provides to his attraction.

Dustin’s demand to have doorways of information opened for him makes him a traditional ENTP since they wish to study the entire time. Debaters are additionally nice at being the underdog who overcomes the percentages, and Dustin has at all times managed to try this.

5 Barbara Holland: ISFJ

Despite the fact that Barb is gone, she’s undoubtedly not forgotten, and as she’s develop into one thing of a cult favourite amongst followers, she deserves to be included in any point out of Stranger Issues. Like Joyce Byers, Barb is an ISFJ, “the Defender,” and whereas we do not have to look any additional than Steve’s pool occasion to evaluate why, Barb at all times exudes this vitality. Barb’s reserved model and introverted nature may make her appear boring to some, however those that know her perceive that she’s humorous, good and can at all times put the folks she loves first.

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She is all about being one of the best buddy anybody might ask for, and greater than many deserve. Barb’s life is misplaced within the strategy of defending her liked one and Nancy is ceaselessly modified due to it.

four Nancy Wheeler: ESFJ

Nancy Wheeler in Upside Down Stranger Things

Nancy and Barb’s compatibility could be very excessive, which is why they have been such good buddies. As an ESFJ, or “the Consul,” Nancy is Barb’s match. Their solely distinction is in what energizes them greatest, since Nancy enjoys events and socializing with extra folks. Nancy is extra fashionable than her BFF and actually enjoys consideration. She loves choosing out garments to put on and focuses on sensible issues in her life, like finding out, earlier than she turns into a monster slayer.

Nancy’s ESFJ persona is the very factor that makes her declare that she and Steve are harmless throughout their time alone collectively: she thinks that conventional guidelines and ethics are vital and would not wish to be seen as one thing aside from a “good lady” within the eyes of authority figures.

three Jonathan Byers: INFP

Jonathan Byers Stranger Things

Is Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship doomed? Based on their personalities, it is likely to be, since ingenious Jonathan’s an INFP, “the Logician,” and virtually Nancy’s exact opposite. Whereas some opposites can appeal to, Jonathan is all about groundbreaking music and mental concepts, whereas Nancy’s rather more mainstream, and Nancy’s want for heat may not be fulfilled by an INFP, because the persona typically comes off as chilly.

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Nonetheless, they’ve made an ideal pair to this point for essentially the most half. Jonathan’s creativity and mind are onerous to not take pleasure in, besides when he is taking footage via folks’s home windows, and his tendency to maintain most of his ideas non-public retains him fascinating.

2 Will Byers: INFP

Like his mom and brother, Will Byers is an introvert. As an INFP, “the Mediator,” Will was capable of survive as a result of he’s the sort of one who continually searches for a method to enhance his state of affairs. He’ll at all times attempt to discover the great, which is why he was capable of talk together with his mom even when hiding within the Upside Down.

Will appears shy to those that do not know him, and he is typically misunderstood. To his family and friends, his inside ardour for his pursuits, from artwork to science and RPG, is apparent. Having just a few shut buddies who share these pursuits is the whole lot to Will.

1 Jim Hopper: ISTP

It ought to come as no shock that Jim Hopper is an ISTP, “the Virtuoso.” To him, mornings are for espresso and contemplation, because the ISTP takes time to course of data internally. Assured and sensible, Hopper is the one police officer curious sufficient to essentially troubleshoot Will’s disappearance and push additional to search out out what occurred.

Hopper learns as he goes and whereas it may not appear to be he is utilizing “instruments” to get the job achieved, each time he pretends to be another person, completely wings it to discover the Upside Down and takes on Eleven as his baby, he is exhibiting pure Virtuoso habits.

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