How Did 2014 Thanos Know About The Avengers In Endgame?

The 2014 model of Thanos is aware of who the Avengers are in Avengers: Endgame, however how might he? A conflict between the Mad Titan and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been constructing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the reason that finish of The Avengers, when Thanos first made an look. It wasn’t till final 12 months’s Avengers: Infinity Conflict that this battle actually started, and audiences had been in the end shocked that Thanos come out victorious.

In Avengers: Endgame, the remaining heroes rapidly kill Thanos after he destroys the Infinity Stones, and the one method for them to undo that is via time journey. This plan comes with a number of issues with the Avengers creating some branched timelines alongside the way in which. Most dangerously, when Nebula’s reminiscence community is related to her previous self, she reveals a 2014 model of Thanos the long run and his final destiny.

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As soon as he scans 2023 Nebula’s whole reminiscence for himself and Infinity Stones, he stumbles upon a recording of Nebula with the Avengers. Gamora acknowledges them as merely Terran, however, Thanos has a extra clear understanding of who these persons are, referring to them as Avengers. However how did he acknowledge them so instantly.

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame and Thanos

It is true that Thanos was behind the occasions of The Avengers and was knowledgeable of their victory over Loki by The Different. The truth is, in Endgame he even mirrors his former henchman’s phrases, describing them as “wretches.” That is not as satisfying a solution as many would love, however it’s the one which makes probably the most sense. Whether or not that information comes immediately from The Different or via another means isn’t clear, however Thanos realizing sufficient in regards to the Avengers to establish them does line up with the remainder of the MCU canon.

One main second from Avengers: Infinity Conflict revealed that Thanos knew who Tony Stark was lengthy earlier than they met on Titan. The Russo brothers defined that Thanos is conscious of who Tony is from the Battle of New York as he single-handily worn out his Chitauri fleet. This rationalization solely immediately accounts for his information of Tony, but it surely might go additional; or, if 2014 Thanos solely acknowledged Stark, he might have pieced collectively that the crew had been Avengers.

This admittedly does not clarify particulars like 2014 Thanos realizing the crew name themselves the Avengers, what every particular person seems to be like, and what their names are. However, till a real rationalization for 2014 Thanos recognizing the Avengers in Endgame comes or a future MCU movie addresses it, that is presumably one of the best resolution.

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