No, 5G Radiation Does not Unfold The Coronavirus. Here is How We Know

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A conspiracy concept claiming 5G can unfold the coronavirus is making the rounds on social media. The parable supposedly gained traction when a Belgian physician linked the “risks” of 5G expertise to the virus throughout an interview in January.


Nearer to house, Fb group Stop5G Australia (with greater than 31,700 members) has varied posts linking the illness’s unfold to 5G expertise.

Peddling such misinformation shouldn’t be solely incorrect, it is damaging.

The Guardian reported that since Thursday a minimum of 20 cell phone masts throughout the UK have been torched or in any other case vandalised. Cellular community consultant MobileUK printed an open letter stating:

We now have skilled instances of vandals setting fireplace to cellular masts, disrupting important infrastructure and spreading false info suggesting a connection between 5G and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Stop5G Australia Fb group. (Fb)

Celebrities – persist with what

Many retailers and other people have rushed to debunk this fable, together with federal minister for communications, cyber security and the humanities Paul Fletcher. However myriad teams and public figures proceed to perpetuate it.

Actor Woody Harrelson and singer Keri Hilson have each shared content material with followers suggesting a hyperlink between 5G and COVID-19.

This tweet by somebody with 4M followers is straight from probably the most harmful depths of tin foil hat land.

☑️ COVID-19 is a virus unfold by person-to-person contact, not radio waves.

☑️ FCC, FDA, EPA & others all clear on the false declare that 5G is unsafe:

— Brendan Carr (@BrendanCarrFCC) March 16, 2020

Stop5G Australia members have claimed the Ruby Princess cruiseliner’s hyperlink to 600 reported infections and 11 deaths is as a result of cruises are “radiation saturated”. That is incorrect.

Posts from the Stop5G Australia Fb group.

Whereas cruise passengers can entry roaming wifi providers on board, these usually are not 5G providers. Maritime cruises have but to implement 5G expertise.

One petition is asking on the Australia authorities to cease 5G’s rollout as a result of the expertise can supposedly “negatively have an effect on your immune system” (a declare for which there’s precisely zero proof). It has acquired greater than 27,000 signatures.


How 5G radio alerts (radiation) work

The distinction between 5G and former generations of cellular providers (4G, 3G) is that the latter makes use of decrease radio frequencies (within the 6 gigahertz vary), whereas 5G makes use of frequencies within the 30–300 gigahertz vary.

Frequencies along the electromagnetic spectrum. (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency/AUS GOV)Frequencies alongside the electromagnetic spectrum. (Australian Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security Company/AUS GOV)

Within the 30-300 gigahertz vary, there’s not sufficient vitality to interrupt chemical bonds or take away electrons when in touch with human tissue. Thus, this vary is known as “non-ionising” electromagnetic radiation.

It is authorised by the federal authorities’s Australian Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security Company as not having the detrimental well being results of extra intense radiation.

Radiation can come into contact with the pores and skin, for instance, after we put a 5G cellular to our ear to make a name. That is after we’re most uncovered to non-ionising radiation. However this publicity is nicely beneath the really useful security degree.

5G radiation cannot penetrate pores and skin, or permit a virus to penetrate pores and skin. There isn’t a proof 5G radio frequencies trigger or exacerbate the unfold of the coronavirus.


Additionally, the protein shell of the virus is incapable of hijacking 5G radio alerts. It is because radiation and viruses exist in numerous kinds that don’t work together. One is a organic phenomenon and the opposite exists on the electromagnetic spectrum.

5G radio waves are known as millimetre waves, as a result of their wavelength is measured in millimetres. As a result of these waves are brief, 5G cell towers must be comparatively shut collectively – about 250 metres aside. They’re organised as a set of small cells (a cell is an space lined by radio alerts).

For 5G to cowl a bigger geographic space, extra base stations are wanted compared to 4G. This enhance within the variety of base stations, and their proximity to people, is one issue which will stir unfounded fears about 5G’s potential well being impacts.

Your cellphone could also be harmful, however its radiation is not

COVID-19 spreads by means of small droplets launched from the nostril or mouth of an contaminated particular person once they cough, spit, sneeze, speak or exhale. Transmission happens when the droplets come into contact with the nostril, eyes or mouth of a wholesome particular person.

So if an infectious particular person speaks by means of a cellphone held close to their mouth, sufficient infectious droplets might land on its floor to make it able to spreading the virus. Because of this it isn’t advisable to share mobiles throughout a pandemic. You must also commonly disinfect your cellular.

A #coronavirus conspiracy concept within the U.Okay. spurred a rash of 5G telecom tower arson fires in Belfast, Liverpool, Birmingham

— QuickTake by Bloomberg (@QuickTake) April 7, 2020

Why are we having this dialogue?

To many people, it is apparent a human virus cannot unfold through radio alerts, and such a conspiracy could also be linked to a wider mistrust of the federal government normally.

Addressing this fable is important as property is now being broken, and people attacked. Bodily and verbal threats to broadband engineers may be added to an extended listing of assaults on well being staff.


At a time when tens of millions are counting on quick web to work and examine from house, very important telecommunications infrastructure is prone to being destroyed. Conspiracy theories have motivated arson assaults on 5G towers in Belfast, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Youtube has introduced it can dedicate sources to eradicating content material linking 5G expertise to COVID-19.

The announcement got here after fingers had been pointed at one video, printed on March 18 (and considered greater than 668,000 occasions), through which an American physician claims incorrectly that Africa is much less affected by COVID-19 as a result of it isn’t a 5G area. The video remained on-line on the time of publishing this text. The Conversation

Stanley Shanapinda, Analysis Fellow, La Trobe College.

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