Consultants Clarify The Vital Causes Why COVID-19 Differs From a Flu Pandemic

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“Know thy enemy,” Solar Tzu suggested in The Artwork of Struggle. That axiom rings true not only for navy strategists, but in addition on your immune system: Your physique may “know” the flu, both from a previous an infection or a vaccine.


That familiarity makes the flu simpler to conquer than the novel coronavirus sparking the present pandemic.

Past a scarcity of immunity, testing mishaps and unproven remedies make the novel coronavirus pandemic a brand new and distinct problem from influenza outbreaks, which researchers have been working to regulate for many years.

No herd immunity

Throughout flu season – even a extreme one – a lot of the inhabitants is already immune. Your immune system may recognise the viral enemy from a earlier an infection and pump out antibodies to clear the contagion. Otherwise you might need obtained a flu shot, a dose of useless influenza viruses that trains your physique to fend off a reside assault.

Individuals with immunity, whether or not by an infection or injection, assist maintain the higher public comparatively protected from the flu, in line with Abigail Carlson, an infectious illness specialist at Washington College in St. Louis.

“When the virus infects them, it reaches a useless finish,” Carlson informed Enterprise Insider. “They do not get sick, they do not go it on. They usually cease the virus in its tracks.”

This protecting course of is named herd immunity. Whereas not excellent – tens of 1000’s of Individuals die of flu yearly – herd immunity usually retains the flu at ranges that hospitals can handle. That is not the case for the brand new coronavirus.


“There’s little or no to no herd immunity” with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, Carlson stated. “Despite the fact that the virus won’t be extraordinarily lethal, there is a bigger quantity of people that can get contaminated.”

With out herd immunity, people are excellent hosts for the coronavirus, which has raced throughout the globe in mere months and encountered few useless ends.

“We’re at a degree now the place the well being system is underneath huge pressure,” Carlson stated. “Masks are restricted, ventilators are restricted, beds are restricted.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the US had recorded greater than 236,000 COVID-19 instances and no less than 5,600 deaths, in line with Johns Hopkins College.

A novel coronavirus vaccine to seed herd immunity is probably going greater than a yr away, and growing it’s a tall order in comparison with configuring the annual flu shot, in line with Otto Yang, an infectious illness researcher at UCLA.

First, there isn’t any precursor vaccine to work from: Of the seven coronavirus sorts that infect people – together with 4 that trigger the frequent chilly – none has a confirmed vaccine. Researchers are nonetheless looking for how greatest to craft a vaccine towards the brand new coronavirus, whether or not by utilizing energetic virus particles, inactivated ones, or artificial compounds.


Final month marked the primary of many medical trials – another excuse Yang believes a COVID-19 vaccine will show extra elusive than the flu shot. The FDA does not require medical trials to approve the annual flu vaccine. Though the precise strains the shot targets fluctuate from yr to yr, the essential biochemistry stays the identical and has confirmed protected.

So whereas researchers can fast-track the flu shot annually, they have to fastidiously take a look at any new coronavirus vaccine earlier than providing it to the general public. And that is prone to be a prolonged course of.

Testing and therapy troubles

A botched rollout of testing for COVID-19 has additionally left the US much less ready for the illness than for a flu pandemic, Yang stated. To seek out out if a affected person has a viral illness like flu or COVID-19, researchers seek for the virus’ genes in a swab pattern from the affected person’s nostril or mouth.

For the flu, that testing course of is dependable. Although the virus mutates, most adjustments have an effect on proteins on its outer floor, which bind to your cells to provoke an an infection. Flu exams goal extra steady genes that encode for proteins contained in the virus’ shell.


In the case of flu, “now we have PCR exams that take a look at all of the strains,” Yang stated, including that the identical flu testing procedures are used yearly. “All that infrastructure for testing was already in place.”

In distinction, determining which genes to focus on in a take a look at for the coronavirus “needed to be labored out from scratch,” Yang stated.

The World Well being Organisation developed an efficient protocol in January however the US determined to develop its personal, after which was sluggish to supply and distribute it. The dearth of testing has hindered researchers’ understanding of how extensively the illness is spreading.

The US has “failed fairly miserably” in relation to COVID-19 testing, Yang stated. Testing charges in international locations like South Korea and Italy are greater than double these of the US.

(Ruobing Su/Enterprise Insider)

Sufferers who do take a look at optimistic for the novel coronavirus have little alternative however to experience out the sickness. Antiviral medicines that assist battle the flu seem like much less efficient for COVID-19 sufferers, Yang stated.

“There is not any confirmed therapy at this level for SARS-CoV-2.” Some medical doctors are administering anti-malarial medicine to attempt to fight the coronavirus, however the efficacy of such remedies continues to be unclear.

Hold your distance

The brand new coronavirus pandemic poses quite a few distinct obstacles in comparison with the flu. Nonetheless, Yang and Carlson see room for optimism as we await a vaccine, as a result of so many individuals – although not everybody – are taking social distancing significantly.

“You are actually seeing folks doing their greatest to remain at residence, keep away from others, and produce that curve down within the US,” Carlson stated. “These interventions are working if we simply give them an opportunity … Issues will get higher and this pandemic will certainly go.”

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