A Weird Jellyfish Species Can Sting You With out Contact by Hurling ‘Mucus Grenades’

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A species of jellyfish hunts its prey by hurling venom grenades to create “stinging water”, researchers stated Thursday, fixing a long-standing thriller as to how they collect meals with out tentacles.


The the wrong way up jellyfish (Cassiopea xamachana), present in shallow waters round Florida, the Caribbean and Micronesia, is a frequent nuisance to snorkelers and surfers who seem to get stung with out touching the creatures.

It was thought that the stings got here from indifferent tentacles or youthful specimens.

However a crew from the US Naval Analysis Laboratory realised that Cassiopea had in truth developed a novel manner of looking with out tentacles.

The creatures lay on their backs and lob globules of venom-enriched mucus into the water overhead.

These constructions, referred to as cassiosomes, can kill prey and are the seemingly reason for ‘stinging water,’ a phenomenon skilled by snorkelers and fishermen in tropical waters.

Life cycle levels of C. xamachana and its cassiosome-laden mucus. (Ames et al., Communications Biology, 2020)

The crew analysed the cassiosomes and located their outer layer to be coated with hundreds of stinging cells.

Whereas the venom isn’t robust sufficient to pose a critical danger to people, it does destroy pores and skin cells and is lethal to smaller organisms.

Based on Cheryl Ames, from Japan’s Tohoku College Graduate Faculty of Agricultural Science, the stinging water “causes a sensation that’s itchy-to-burning and, relying on the individual, may cause sufficient discomfort to make them to wish to get out of the water.”

She stated the findings of the research, revealed in Communications Biology, might assist vacationers, divers and even aquarium employees to keep away from discomfort in future.

Ames instructed AFP that the world of science has a lot else to study from jellyfish.

“They’ve complicated and coordinated behaviour with image-forming lens eyes, and a few may even kill people in minutes,” she instructed AFP.

“A lot is to be discovered about them and the purposes to biotechnology.”

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