Avengers: Endgame Writers Say Cap’s Ending Is Open To Interpretation

Avengers: Endgame ends with a real tearjerker of a closing scene, as Steve Rogers vanishes into the Quantum Realm to return all of the Infinity Stones…just for an aged Cap to seem on a bench close by. Previous Man Steve reveals that he stayed up to now and lived a contented life married to Peggy Carter. It’s an ideal ending for the hero, however his look in the primary timeline has induced followers a number of complications. Primarily based on the established guidelines of time journey within the MCU, Steve getting hitched to Peggy ought to have created a unique timeline.

The Russos tried to clear this up by saying that, sure, Steve did create a brand new splintered timeline. Nonetheless, he should have hopped again over to the prime universe to ship his defend to Sam Wilson and clarify to his associates what occurred to him. Okay, so case closed then, proper?

Properly, no, truly, as writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely consider that Steve didn’t create a brand new timeline however remained in the primary one, saying he’s been on this world the entire time and we simply didn’t realize it. As an example, Peggy’s children which might be referenced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? They’re truly Steve’s, in accordance with the writers.

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CBR caught up with Markus and McFeely and requested them about how their conflicting rationalization for Cap’s ending squares with the Russo’s model. Markus stated that it was open to interpretation and, whereas he prefers his and McFeely’s principle, he referred to as it “a query with many solutions.” As for why Cap wouldn’t have tried to vary historical past for the higher together with his foreknowledge if he did keep in the primary timeline, the author added: “We don’t have to jot down that!”

It stays to be seen whether or not Cap, Peggy and even their (presumably) super-powered children will function once more within the MCU to both show or disprove the writers’ principle. Till then although, like Markus says, Cap’s ending in Avengers: Endgame has many explanations, so followers can selected to consider whichever one they need.

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